Friday, October 20, 2017

Bias (n.)(a.) - How do you roll?


A tendency, trend, or inclination usually unreasoned, for or against something or someone.


Having a tendency or inclination for or against something.

History & Etymology

In the 14th century bias entered english as an adjective describing a slant or oblique angle. This usage came from Old French Biais. The origin of this word is unknown but it has cognates in other european languages including in Catalan, and Italian.

Bias became a technical term in the sport of Lawn Bowling in the 1560s to refer to the side of the bowl that is heavier. Making one side of the ball heavier caused its path to either lean or hook in the direction of the bias.

In the 1570s an obvious analogy was made between the weighted bowls and the heads of people with an undue prejudice or propensity for one side or another in law proceedings. This is where we get the current meaning of the word bias.

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