Thursday, October 19, 2017

DISGUSTING!(a.)(n.) - You won’t believe this!


A feeling of strong distaste or indignation.


Causing a feeling of strong distaste or indignation.
History & Etymology

The word disgust either comes from the Old French desgouster, or Italian disgustare. The french probably adopted their word from the Italian one, but further back it originated from Latin gustare meaning taste plus the prefix des- which still mean the same thing as the english prefix dis-. So ultimately it comes from the latin word for distaste.

Scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions today I saw the title of Philly Ds daily video, and the first word was Disgusting (exclamation point). Since it was initially a brief glimpse I didn’t see the rest of the title, but I immediately thought, “that really got my attention.” 

Disgust is a strong word, and it really grabs people's attention. It’s a word that almost demands a visceral reaction from people.
The story Philip was discussing was a truly disgusting incidence and deserved the title, but I still could help but think to myself that the word choice and all caps was a bit of click bait.

I’m trying the same thing now with this video, the title and the thumbnail. I was trying to grab your attention. 

I love Philip DeFrancos news coverage, and I love what he’s doing, and shocking titles are a great way to draw attention to important stories. 

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